Meet one of the newest 'Leap Day' babies in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) -- There are only about 200,000 Americans with a Leap Day birthday, and on this leap day, we met one of the newest so-called "leaplings."

"I think this will make birthdays that much more special and intentional rather than something you take for granted," mom Emma Zumsen said.

It sure will, a February 29th birthday! Little Lillian Zumsen is a Leap Day baby born Monday morning at Mount Sinai Health System.

Doctors knew she would be big, so a C-section was scheduled a week before her due date.

"We went back and forth and decided it was most important to have the same doctor deliver both of our kids than plan around a specific date," said Ryan Zumsen, Lillian's father.

That date comes once every four years, and it's a date that some parents might avoid. But not the Zumsens. They're embracing it.

"Extra day, extra name, so her full name will be Lillian Freya Joan Zumsen," Emma Zumsen said.

A cake from the hospital added to the celebration.

Big brother Finnick is happy about his new sister...and the cake.

"A little bit of icing on the cake, if you will, because I think that the day that baby is born, that's the day, that's the moment, doesn't matter what day it is," said Carol Torchen, of The Mount Sinai Health System. "I think just doing it on a Leap Year, or having the baby on a Leap Day, it's more special."

And they're celebrating this day around town. At Winnie's Jazz Bar at Refinery Hotel, $2.29 will get you a seasonal cocktail called the rock and rye.

For Monday only, at Hard Rock Cafe, if you show proof of your Leap Day birthday, you get a free entree from a Leap Year menu.

So go ahead indulge in the day that doesn't come around all too often, and when it does, it sure is special.

"I'm a big believer in fate," Emma Zumsen said. "And fate has pointed us to this day."
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