Missing 12-year-old boy with autism from the Bronx found safe

FOXHURST, Bronx (WABC) -- A Bronx family is relieved now that a boy with autism is back safe at home.

12-year-old James Diaz walked out of his apartment building in Foxhurst early Wednesday morning.

His mother believes he was sleepwalking when he left the building.

He has since been re-united with his family.

A man says he saw James get out of a taxi with a woman in front of the man's home. Then the boy lingered there alone for hours.

"I waited with him, and as I seen nobody was coming, I started asking him questions and then he told me the area where he lives and school and everything," the man said. "I took it upon myself to ask a couple of friends to help find out where he lives."

Diaz's mother says she hasn't noticed her son sleepwalking in years, and this was the first time he left their home while sleepwalking.
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