New York woman gives birth to twin sister's baby

After learning her identical twin sister was unable to have another child, Dawn Ardolino-Policastro offered to carry her sibling's baby. (Allison Rose Photography)

A woman and her twin sister are sharing an even deeper bond after one gave birth to her sister's baby after learning she was unable to have children.

In 2009, Allison Ardolino-Dinkelacker was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while she was 30 weeks into her pregnancy. She was able to gave birth to a healthy boy at 31 weeks via C-section but later found out she wouldn't be able to have any more children.

To help the couple complete their family, Allison's twin sister Dawn offered to carry the couple's baby instead. Photographer Allison Rose, who captured touching images of the sisters, recounted the story on her Facebook page.

"Dawn accompanied me to one of my doctors appointments and as we sat in my oncologists office and he said to me if you survive this, you will never be able to carry another child," Allison said, according to the photographer's Facebook post. "Well before he even finished his sentence Dawn jumped in and said it doesn't matter because I am going to carry their child."

Dawn served as a surrogate and gave birth to Hudson William Dinkelacker on Aug. 5.

"I have said this before, but I have to say it again. Dawn, you amaze me! You are my hero and I have never been more proud of you. You deserve a medal of courage, of compassion, and of selflessness," Allison said to her sister, according to the photographer's Facebook post. "Although biologically this child will be made up of the two of us, we certainly hope that the strength, selflessness, and power you have shown are traits that he takes from you during his life."

The photos of the sisters were received over 77,000 likes and 14,000 shares.

"We are and always will be eternally grateful!!" Allison told Dawn, according to the photographer's Facebook post. "What we are most grateful for is the gift you have given to Dylan the gift of being a big brother a dream that we all had and that you made come true!!!"
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