Parents getting help from professional services in raising their kids

VALLEY STREAM, Long Island (WABC) -- Would you pay someone else to come out and teach your child how to ride a bike?

It's just one service offered in a growing way to outsource parenting tasks.

"So I want everyone to please hold the fork," said Arely Mendoza-Cantos to a group of children at a table.

Ah, the art of etiquette. Often lost at today's busy dinner tables. Unless you hire Arely, of Always Gracious.

"You see my wrist, it is holding at the side of the table," she said.

"When you try to teach your children let's say soccer," said parent Samantha Barouledte. "You could be really good at soccer. It's never as good when you teach them with a coach. It's the same way with etiquette."

"I offer classes where I come to the parents' houses and I involve the whole family in the class, so when I leave there everyone is on the same page," said Mendoza-Cantos.

Then there's REI. They'll teach your child how to ride his or her bike.

"It can be a stressful situation teaching your own child. You can put a little too much pressure on them, a little too much pressure on yourself," said Jason Heckle of REI. "A lot of the times kids don't like to take orders from mom or dad so it's easier when there's a 3rd party involved."

Parents this may surprise you -- Nordstrom will teach your kids how to tie their shoes. Many locations offer classes once a month.

"I think we have to look at what's being lost. What's being lost in the relationship with the parent and the child," said Harriet Cabelly, a parenting coach.

She warns parents about relinquishing too many of your parental duties.

"There's something to be said for going through struggles with children. And pushing through and being the one to be the child's cheerleader," said Cabelly.

Adriana Vermillion will help you become a cheerleader for your child in the art of well - relinquishing.

She's a national potty training coach based in North Carolina.

"What we do with parents is we actually do a customized potty training plan," said Vermillion. "I have a team of people that work with me on creating it because we take them through 6 stages of potty training."

Yes there's a lot of help for parents nowadays.

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