Baby loves storytime so much he bursts into tears every time it's over

A little boy cries every time his mom finishes reading a book. (leesedanielle/YouTube)

A love of reading can start at a very early age. For one baby, though, that love is seemingly so intense that he is devastated every time his story is over.

A cute video called "The saddest bookworm" begins with the baby is being read a story. The baby stares intently and scans each of the pages. But when the last page closes, the baby throws a temper tantrum. He screams and cries and reaches for the book, seemingly desperate for it to begin again.

If you thought he was only strongly attached to one book, though, think again. The pair starts reading a new book and then the video changes to different days. Every time, he can't stand the thought of putting the book down.

The cuteness of the baby's habit is not lost on his family. The video poster, who goes by "leesedanielle" on YouTube, replied to a comment that she cherishes her little one.

"It really is the best, I love every moment!" she wrote.

It's been viewed half a million times on YouTube.
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