Halloween's hottest makeup looks taught by viral makeup artists | Glam Lab

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Halloween is almost here, which means you're probably scrambling for a costume!

Well, you're in luck. If you have the right makeup, you don't necessarily have to dress up.

From illusions, to glitter, to glow in the dark, Glam Lab covers this year's hottest looks. I learned the tricks of the trade from two of the best artists in the business.

First I sat down with Megan Dugan, founder and creator of Lemonhead.LA.

Just for the sole fear of the mess, I stay away from glitter at all costs. Until, I got my hands on a jar of Lemonhead!

This stuff goes on smooth, doesn't end up all over your apartment, and washes off with just some water. Megan showed me a few easy go-to glitter looks that took no longer than 10 minutes each.

Megan's best piece of advice? Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone... especially around a time like, Halloween!

After all, it is just makeup... you can always wash it off.

I also had the opportunity to hang out with Illusion Makeup Artist, Mimi Choi at Glamcor workspace.

You may have seen some of her work, many of her looks have gone viral!

She can transform your face into something of another dimension. These looks will blow your mind, probably because she only sees them in her own.

Mimi gets most of her inspiration from hallucinations during her sleep paralysis!

Since I'm not a pro like her, she taught me a look that's so easy, you can do it yourself at home!

Her best piece of advice? Get good lighting! She swears by lighted mirrors like the ones from Riki Loves Riki.


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