Should men be allowed to wear shorts to the office during hot weather?

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- It's a well-known fact that as temperatures rise, so do hemlines. And with that comes an annual hot weather debate: is is ever okay to wear shorts to the office?

No matter how professional the workplace, we're all used to seeing women in airy dresses and skirts when it gets humid. But for decades, men in the corporate world have shunned shorts as office attire, feeling they're too casual or even inappropriate.

The summer dressing double standard is apparently so divisive, it has even sparked a hashtag in recent years, with male professionals begging one another to #FreeTheKnee on Twitter.

Whether you're in favor of office shorts or not, experts say there are a few things to remember. First, consider your workplace.

If you've never seen a male colleague wearing khaki cutoffs, you probably shouldn't either.

If you dare to bare your legs, they suggest fitted shorts in a conservative fabric or even a short-suit - that means the male rompers and lace short sets that have dominated the internet this year, are out.
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