7 On Your Side: Brooklyn tenants left without mail for 2 months

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Nina Pineda reports (WABC)

Bronx tenant Anne-Perald Louisa lost her patience 8 weeks ago, when the trash started to pile up. "Look at that, disgusting and it smells," says Anne-Perald.

And she stopped getting her mail delivered. "We have not received any mail since June 9th," says Anne-Perald.

That's when she says the super of her 4 story was let go. "We have no super now and both keys were changed and not provided to the post office," says Anne-Perald.

Locking out the mail carriers for two months. No mail wreaking havoc on their lives. Her husband Patrick hasn't received his paycheck.

"So his check hasn't arrived since June 9th. Which forces us to live on one income family," says Anne-Perald.

"My credit card was cancelled," says Patrick Louisa.

Mail was returned as un-deliverable. When they couldn't get to the post office almost a mile away during business hours they got hit with late fees, their first floor neighbor had his cable cut off.

"You couldn't pay your bill. Yes, because you didn't get your bill," said the tenant.

They claim constant complaints to the management company went nowhere.

"When you call them we really feel like they're nonchalant. They don't care, they really just don't care," says Anne-Perald.

But, when we called the management company located in the Bronx, an agent said it wasn't their fault.

We were told the post office was given the keys weeks ago, so we went to ask a supervisor, who said the management company never gave the post office new keys.

The US Postal Service said it's been waiting for a new key-keeper to be installed since June. So we called the agent back. And within hours someone showed up with a drill. And the very next day?

Anne-Perald got her first piece of mail in 9 weeks. You know you're happy when you're glad to get the phone bill. "Channel 7 works. I'm extremely ecstatic. Thank you," said Anne-Perald.
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