Millennial steps to 7 On Your Side to resolve 'Yeezy' sneaker refund

MOUNT KISCO, Westchester County (WABC) -- The much hyped collaboration between Kayne West and Adidas spawned the popular sneaker the Yeezy, which retails for between $200 and $600 a pair in limited quantities, making the shoes very popular.

"Finding a great pair of sneakers is so hard," said Ashley Croft-Moore, a 22-year-old who says she's not a Kanye fan or a sneakerhead like the countless You Tubers who post every product drop in detail.

But she just loved the look of the all white Yeezy, so she bought a pair of Boost 350 V2's from the Adidas store online.

When the sneakers arrived they didn't fit right. Adidas was out of the next size so Ashley sent the shoes back

"They emailed me a shipping label which I returned the next day, still within the seven days," she says. Ashley then received several emails from Adidas. Her credit card was refunded but nothing showed up.

The delay was then blamed on a flaw in Adidas's system. After countless emails back and forth she says Adidas also blamed PayPal, which said it had no refund info.

Ashley tried to dispute the charge with her bank. "Adidas actually contacted my bank and said that I never returned the shoes," she said.

This despite the fact.she had tracking confirmation from last October. The shoes were returned directly to Adidas customer service, plus dozens of emails from the shoemaker referred to the refund of her returned shoes.

When the bank denied her dispute and sided with the merchant, Ashley contacted us and after eight months a credit for $236 was issued within 24 hours of 7 On Your Side getting involved.

"Thank you 7 On Your Side, I could not have done it .without you," she said.

There was no comment from Adidas about what caused the delay. The sportswear company only said the customer was fully refunded.

The Big Takeaway

--Check the return policy window for so called HYPE products. The window to return is very short - Ashley only had seven days to send the product back.

--Make sure you send it trackable. That delivery proof she held on to really helped her when Adidas claimed it never received the sneakers back.

--Next, remember you only have 60 days to open a credit card dispute, and after you report it your credit card will also give you a window to send documentation.

If you paid through PayPal you can open a dispute with the online resolution center. PayPal gives the buyer and seller 20 days to work it out. If that doesn't work you can then escalate your case to a claim, but you have to do this within the 20 days or the case is closed forever.


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