7 On Your Side helps victim collect after dashcam video captures car damage in NYC garage

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- When a man's car was damaged by an attendant in a Midtown parking garage, he had the proof on camera but had trouble getting the company to pay up. So 7 On Your Side stepped in to help.

Chris Capuano says his missing Nissan emblem was ripped from the front of his car before it was brought back by an attendant at a garage on 51st Street and Broadway.

"I confronted him, I said 'What happened to my car?' He looked me dead in the eyes and he said 'I have no idea,'" Capuano said.

What the valet didn't know was a dashcam mounted under the rear-view mirror started rolling as soon as the car was turned on.

The tape shows the attendant backing Capuano's car onto the lift, but not far enough. When the door tries to close, it strikes the front end. The video then shows the attendant checking it out before bending down to pick up what looks like the logo knocked loose by the door.

"If you see from the footage, he goes off camera with it, so he came back 30 seconds later without it, so he knew exactly what happened to it," Capuano said.

Capuano said only after pointing out his dashcam did the garage take a report, then emailed him stating they "accepted liability." But after he sent in a damage estimate, Capuano says he got push-back from the parking company, Icon.

Capuano says an Icon rep told him his first estimate wasn't reasonable and asked him to get a second. But within hours of calls from 7 On Your Side, New York City's biggest parking company paid up, sending a check express, reimbursing him the full amount of $1,247.

"I am such a believer in you guys, without you guys I would still be fighting, this wouldn't have ever got paid, thank God you guys are here, thank God you're here, Nina, I definitely appreciate all you do, thank you 7 On Your Side," Capuano said.

Icon said they would have paid Chris' estimate whether or not Channel 7 was involved. They also apologized to Capuano and paid his claim in full within one week of the incident, which is very fast.

Icon said the employee was suspended without pay for the first-time incident which Icon said does not reflect its values or the good work of 2,000-plus garage workers.

As for Capuano, what a return on his $40 dashcam investment! It paid dividends to have that protection and is a good idea for drivers.


We take the responsibility of caring for our customers vehicles very seriously and value all of our customers patronage. We did accept full liability on the fourth business day and before Channel 7 reached out to us. We apologized to Mr. Capuano and paid his claim in full within one week of the incident. This situation does not reflect our values, commitment to customer service or the good work of our 2000+ garage workers, as we are committed to serving all of our customers with integrity and service excellence. This is what differentiates our company and we strive to provide the best parking services in New York.


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