Top 7 smart money moves for 2016

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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the details.

Saving more money is on a lot of people's New Year's resolution lists. But, we're going to make this resolution easier than ever to keep, here's a list of 7 ways to save big in the New Year.

Start with reviewing those APPS. You could be signed up automatic upgrades dinging your card every month, or membership fees you forgot about. So cancel any recurring installment payments you'e not using.

"It could be movie streaming like Netflix or Hulu Plus. We're talking about 10-20 bucks a month," said Andrea Woroch, a consumer expert.

Woroch said a quick review of her joint credit card statement revealed her husband had also signed up for Amazon prime.

"My husband has been paying for Amazon, $100 a year. He forgot I have it too for the last three years too, that's $300 in wasted money," Woroch said.

It's a great goal to exercise daily, but many of us who resolved to go to the gym at an average cost of $57 per month don't do it. So if you're not using your membership, ditch it and opt for home or outdoor activity instead.

Also if you got a big holiday bonus, don't blow it. Woroch suggests investing in a college savings plan (a 529), upping your 401(k) contributions, or a Roth IRA. (Individual Retirement Account)

"Or maybe it's a home improvement project that will add value to your home. Or put it towards closing cost and refinance that will save you money on the life of your mortgage," Woroch said.

Next, get serious about finally paying off debt this year. The average person is $30,000 in debt. Resolve to pay down high interest credit cards first.

"Always pay double to triple the minimum payment, otherwise you'll be continuously digging and never get out of it," Woroch said.

Woroch's advice is give your credit a card a break and start saving by shopping with discounted gift cards, many websites sell or swap unwanted gift cards, you could buy a gift card worth $100 for just $75.

"You can get discount gifts cards to Target, the movies, to restaurants it's a great way to lower your everyday expenses," Woroch said.

Another smart money tip is to avoid ATM fees. The New York market has the second highest fees in the U.S. at an average of $5 per transaction. (Atlanta is ranked #1). Opt for cash back at a store and avoid non-bank ATMs.

And bank fees are now topping $34 billion. If you're getting slammed with overdraft fees, late fees, and checking fees shop around. Open an account with an institution which lets you hang on to more of your money.
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