Hot new food trends for 2016

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Saturday, January 30, 2016
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Lauren Glassberg has the story.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Eyewitness News raided the test kitchen of Bon Appetit Magazine to find the big food trends for 2016.

And one of them, according to Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton, is African and Middle Eastern flavors like Harissa, Zatar, and Ras el Hanout.

"Everyone wants to eat healthy these days and this brings a lot of bang for a little fat," Knowlton said.

Get used to some other new words like teff, kamut, amaranth and millet. They're ancient grains.

"The flavors are a lot more interesting than just eating white rice, or eating couscous, and they are better for you,"

And hey New Yorkers, get ready for Detroit style pizza. It's crunchier than Sicilian with a cheesy crust. Soon to open "Emmy Squared" in Brooklyn will be serving it.

"The good thing is there's no folding. I know New Yorkers won't like that, but you can walk around and pick it up and eat it and go," Knowlton said.

One trend you'll like particularly during the colder months is pho, a Vietnamese soup.

"I just think it's the lighter, kindler, gentler version of ramen," Knowlton said.

"Pho-sure" in the West Village offers a variety of versions.

When it comes to dining out, you may never need to figure out how much to tip again.

Andrew says more and more restaurants will be including tips in the price.

"I think in five years we're not even going to be talking about this. I think this is the way the restaurant industry is going, 401k's, health insurance, it just makes for a better workplace for everybody," Knowlton said.