'Birch Coffee' Makes Hell's Kitchen Debut

If coffee and tea are what you're after, look no further than this new business. The newcomer to Hell's Kitchen, called Birch Coffee, is located at 884 9th Ave. (between 57th St. & 58th St.).

This is the tenth locale for the coffee roaster, which specializes in single-origin-sourced beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

The cafe also features additional services, like an educational component with classes on "espresso theory and basics," "the history of coffee," and "the art of grinding coffee."

On the menu, expect to see a variety of popular coffee drink mainstays such as the Americano, cappuccino, latte, mocha, cortado and cold brew coffee.

There's also a selection of local pastries and baked goods on offer delivered daily. (Take a look at the full menu here along with a selection of beans to take home here.)

With a five-star rating out of three reviews on Yelp so far, Birch Coffee is on its way to developing a local fan base.

Julia K., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on February 6th, said: "Small but mighty! Tiny location about the size of my studio apartment's bathroom, but smells way better. Two wee spots by the window for a quick sip on the way out."

Yelper Eric G. added: "So thankful that Birch opened a location in Midtown West. 9th Avenue needed a solid coffee shop like pizza needs cheese. They have delicious coffee that competes with the best cups in New York."

And Lucy L. said: "This coffeeshop is small and cozy, and perfect for any coffee break. They specialize in coffee, and but also have a small selection of pastries. The staff is incredibly kind and friendly."

Interested? Stop by to welcome the new business to the neighborhood. Birch Coffee is open daily from 7am-6pm.