Noodle King Of NYC brings Lanzhou-style handmade noodles to the West Village

In need of noodles? You're in luck: a new business has opened its doors in the neighborhood. Called Noodle King of NYC, the fresh addition is located at 513 Sixth Ave. in the West Village and specializes in hand-pulled Lanzhou-style noodles.

Most of the noodle dishes on the menu are beef-based, with tendon, tripe and bones making an appearance alongside beef stew meat and spare ribs. The House Special noodle soup has hand-pulled or shaved noodles with beef, chicken and shrimp.

Diners can accompany the meal with appetizers like scallion pancakes or soup dumplings, and some pan-fried noodle dishes are also available.

Noodle King of NYC is on its way to building a local fan base, with a five-star rating out of eleven reviews on Yelp.

"In complete love with the House Special noodle soup (chicken, beef and shrimp). It is a super large bowl of noodles, and you really get the bang for your buck," wrote Yelper Brooklyn L. "I feel like you don't really get this style of Lanzhou noodles other than Chinatown or Flushing, Queens."

"My wife and I especially enjoyed the beef and beef tendon (you can ask them to do a half-half) soup and found the shaved noodles to be better than the la mian. The stew beef was as good as I've had anywhere in any Chinatown," Yelper Benjamin H. agreed.

And Yelper Laila D. added, "The service was extremely hospitable."

Interested? Stop by to welcome the new business to the neighborhood. Noodle King of NYC is open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m.-10 p.m. on weekends.