Oak Tuscan Truffle Restaurant brings flavorful fungus to the West Village

Photo: Thomas S./Yelp

Can't get enough truffled dishes? A new fine dining Italian restaurant is here to help you get your fix. The fresh arrival to the West Village, called Oak Tuscan Truffle Restaurant, is located in a repurposed "horse hallway" at 28 Greenwich Ave.

The spot is the project of chef-owner Rudy Accornero, who is serving up plentiful shavings of Tuscan truffles in dishes like a truffle burger with foie gras, filet mignon rossini in a wine reduction sauce, tagliolini cacio e pepe pasta, and desserts like fior de latte ice cream with truffle honey.

With a five-star rating out of eight reviews on Yelp so far, Oak Tuscan Truffle Restaurant is on its way to developing a local fan base. (You can make reservations through OpenTable.)

"Yes, it is fine dining at a level of indulgence I've never before experienced, but it was the warmth of the experience itself that will stay with us," wrote Thomas S. on August 6. "The combined bite of foie gras, filet mignon, soaked toast and shaved truffle was unlike anything I've ever eaten. The word "ethereal" comes to mind."

Yelper Amina M. added, "We ended with the ice cream and truffle honey - hands down the best ice cream we've ever had, and combined with the sweetness of the honey and earthiness of the truffle... it was beyond words."

Swing on by to take a peek for yourself: Oak Tuscan Truffle Restaurant is open from 4:30 p.m.-11 p.m. on Monday-Saturday. (It's closed on Sunday.)
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