Visitors getting a taste of the Museum of Food and Drink in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (WABC) -- At a museum in Brooklyn, the best part is that a visit there includes samples.

"We provide people with exhibits you can actually eat so you can taste touch and smell at MOFAD galleries," said the museum's executive director, Peter Kim.

MOFAD stands for the Museum of Food and Drink, an actual museum that started as a mobile unit and now has a home in Williamsburg.

Just like a typical museum there are rotating exhibitions. The main one on view is about the making of the Chinese-American restaurant.

"There are 3 times more Chinese-American restaurants then there are McDonald's," said Kim.

A little bit of trivia you'll learn, plus the fact that the US for decades persecuted its Chinese residents. But that didn't stop Americans from loving Chinese food in all parts of the country.

"Each of those boxes represents seven of the 50,000 Chinese-American restaurants in the US," Kim said.

The museum also has a fortune cookie machine, the fortunes created by museum-goers. Fresh cookies turned out daily, and there's even a cooking area.

Each month, a different recipe from a featured chef. And yes, you're encouraged to eat right here. and smell.

There's a smell machine that shows the effect of layering molecular scents, and there's the larger smell synth.

"You can create a half million different flavors," said Kim.

It's fun for any age, as food in general can be.

"For us what it's about is using food as a shared language to explore all these really fascinating stories," said Kim.

The Museum of Food and Drink is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays. $7 for kids, $14 for adults. A tasting is included, and unlimited fortune cookies.
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