Gelato sushi served at Gelarto in the East Village

EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) -- It may look like sushi, but once you take a bite, you'll know it's definitely not sushi. At Gelarto they make sushi-shaped gelato. It's an artistic treat for you and your hungry Instagram.

Customers can choose from Gelarto's 46-flavors for their sushi gelato platter. Flavors include traditional ones, like vanilla, chocolate, and even cherries and cream. They also have some unusual flavors, like Parmesan.

The selections are then loaded into custom molds, placed into a deep freezer for five minutes.

A sushi plate will run $12 and you get four pieces. It's served alongside a pair of chopsticks.

In addition to sushi gelato, Gelarto serves up gelato cakes, whole or by the slice. Cakes start at $20.

You can also buy their gelato by the pint at Gelarto or some grocery stores.

"Champagne comes from France. Gelato comes from Italy," Gelarto Executive Damiono Rosella said. "It's the real deal." Galarto's flavors come from its original location in Turin, Italy.

All flavors are gluten-free, except for their tiramisu gelato. Several of their flavors are also dairy-free.

Gelarto is located at 145 Avenue A, between 9th street and 10th street.
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