Protesters take to the streets with a message of change

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- Protesters once again took to the streets on Saturday - with a message of change front and center.

"We are here to get the message across we are not here to fight with the police," said Sandy Pierre.

Demonstrators were passionate, expressive, and to the point.

"We aren't saying black lives matter more than other lives, it's the way society was born and raised is that black lives are significantly less," said Andru Anderson.

More than a thousand protesters part of the 'Black Excellence Walk' took to the streets from Grand Army Plaza to police headquarters in Manhattan celebrating Black Lives Matter, calling for police reform, and asking for a long-term plan.

It has been more than two weeks of demonstrations after the death of George Floyd.

"This has been going on for far too long. Racism isn't getting worse, it's just getting recorded," said Anderson.

The voices were loud, and the energy and demand for change were higher than ever.

"We are tired of our brothers and sisters dying - no justice, no peace!" added Pierre.

While still in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, the demonstrators say they have been dealing with the pandemic of racism for decades, even centuries, and it's time to abolish it.
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