Glam Lab: Best, worst beauty trends of 2018

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- Another year of beauty trends has come and gone.

As the face behind Glam Lab, I've tested them all. Some trends I discovered are the Holy Grail, while others, I dubbed, a total fail.

Take a look back on 2018's breakthrough beauty treatments:

Charcoal Toothpaste

The price point is more than fair and you immediately see your teeth become whiter. However, it comes with a price. Not only did my white bathroom sink turn black, but I'm pretty sure the gritty charcoal ripped off some of my natural enamel. The result? My pearly whites ended up with a more yellow shade than before I started. Thank You, NEXT.


While microneedling has been around, the Vivace device is new to the market. Microneedling boosts collagen to the surface by safely practicing the trauma effect. The tiny, fine needles puncture your skin to force fresh collagen to the surface. The result? Tighter, glowing skin! The Vivace device changed the treatment forever by pairing the microneedles with radio frequency. That means less downtime after your treatment, but it also a means a higher price. While I did love my immediate results, microneedling is a treatment you want to keep up with and try a few times.

Hanacure Face Mask

WARNING: This face mask will give children nightmares, but the results will make you look younger! The Hanacure face mask blew up all over social media with A-list celebrities swearing by it. Beware, you will not be able to move your face for about 20 minutes - this thing gets TIGHT. However, I saw fine lines diminish before my eyes. In my opinion, the price point is fair for the stellar outcome.

IV Drips

We've watched IV drips move from the hospital to the beauty world real quick. They became extremely popular in party cities like Las Vegas and Miami to cure (or help prevent) those brutal hangovers. Now, found in luxury wellness centers, they can do a whole lot more than that. IV Vitamin Therapy can do everything from boost your vitamin C to give your skin an undeniable glow, to combat stress and anxiety with amino acids like tryptophan. While I couldn't deny the results, the price point was out of my range.

Face Rollers

These little handheld devices seemed to pop up everywhere. They can boost your current skincare routine or be used as a standalone. Either way, you're increasing blood circulation and de-puffing your face! To really test out this trend, I tried out a high-end roller made of medical-grade stainless steel, as well as a more common roller made from Rose-Quartz. Either way, these rollers did not disappoint.

TempSure Envi

Not only is this groundbreaking treatment new to the market, I was one of the first people to try it! The TempSure Envi has been called the "20-Minute Facelift." Want to hear something crazier? There's absolutely no downtime and no pain. What's even more mind-blowing? It feels so relaxing, you actually enjoy getting the treatment. And it's not just for your face, this can be used on any part of your body to combat wrinkles, cellulite, you name it! Using extremely advanced radio-frequency technology, this device regenerates collagen and boosts it to the surface by heating your deepest layers of tissue. To really put it to the test, I brought along my mom to try it out too. While we both saw immediate results, hers lasted a lot longer. So, why isn't everyone booking an appointment for the TempSure Envi? A treatment this good, comes with an extremely hefty price tag.

Vampire Facial

Why would you take your own blood and re-inject it into your face? Well, your blood contains something called Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is basically an all-natural miracle grow for the human body. If you inject it into a tendon or ligament, it can help regenerate tissue. If you inject it into your scalp, it can help regenerate hair follicles. If you inject it into your face, it can help regenerate collagen. I will say, this treatment was so effective, I could actually see a difference in my jawline and cheekbones. However, it comes with a warning. It's a bloody mess, painful and you'll need at least 48 hours to heal.

Enzyme Facial

It's been named the Game of Thrones facial and the Grandma facial. Just one look at my face, and you'll see why! This treatment uses actual human enzymes to flush toxins out of your body by pumping fresh oxygen into your bloodstream. It's an experience like no other. You won't be able to move your face for about 45 minutes and can physically feel the pulsing as your body is flushing those toxins. The results are undeniable and immediate. If you have good circulation, you'll see your capillaries come to the surface! As for my face, it was absolutely glowing! The results showed for weeks, and I barely needed to use makeup. If you're looking to treat yourself in 2019, this facial will give your skin a legitimate reset.


Not only did I try a Korean facial, I committed to a K-beauty skincare routine. Long story short: I'm hooked. My skin has never been healthier and I'll be going back for a facial in a few weeks! I will say, the skincare routine is a commitment. If you're just used to washing your face, you're probably not ready to jump on the K-beauty train just yet.

I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for Glam Lab. Happy New Year, friends! And remember: whether you want to try it or not, at least I will so you don't have to!

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