Glen Ridge cancels midterms, finals in light of Common Core tests

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Monday, November 24, 2014
Glen Ridge High School cancels exams
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Anthony Johnson has the story from Glen Ridge.

GLEN RIDGE (WABC) -- Another school in New Jersey has canceled midterms and final exams for students in favor of focusing on in-class education days.

On Monday, parents of students at Glen Ridge High School found the news. It is just the latest school in the state to get rid of the tests.

The Glen Ridge school system is one of the best in the state, and the decision is a sign of the times in education across the country.

Students expressed a collective sigh of relief when word went out.

The reason for the move is the growth in the number of required tests eating into classroom instruction time, a complaint that has been echoed in school districts over the past several years.

Now, with Common Core testing being added to the already-tight schedule, administrators in Glen Ridge through it prudent to dump midterms and finals in order to focus on analytical skills in class.

Several other districts have made the decision to do the same, and while it is groundbreaking to some, administrators believe it is part of a larger trend that is appropriate.

"The state testing replaced some older state testing," Board of Education member Elizabeth Ginsburg said. "It is a little more time consuming, but we don't focus exclusively on testing here. Because it's only one small piece of education. So getting back these educational days puts things in their proper perspective and puts the emphasis back in the classroom rather than pressuring teachers and administrators."

Other districts are reportedly considering a similar move.