Gold Star family says they were booed on flight to bring home son's body

The father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan says he was booed on an airplane as he and his family attempted to make a flight connection to bring home his son's body.

"It just takes me a moment to collect my emotions," Stewart Perry said.

Perry's son John was killed November 12 in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.

"Most importantly, I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did," Stewart said.

He told KOVR that his family was even booed after the flight to bring his son's body was delayed.

"To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family, and the first class cabin booing, that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more," he said.

Perry says his son's death also underscores why the American flag is sacred for service members, not just a symbol for protest.

"It's not for protest -- it's for the death of the people that are saving us. That's what it's for," he said.

Perry also called out recent presidential campaign rhetoric, including President-elect Donald Trumps' remarks about the Khan family.

"One example would be Donald Trump speaking badly about a Gold Star family, who I now am, but it also bothers me that people don't want to talk about the terrorism that killed my kid," he said.

A soldier's death defending his country has left a father defending his son.

"My kid was over there to help put a stop to this garbage, and he died," he added.
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