Good Samaritan describes rescue of woman being sexually assaulted in Brooklyn subway

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Friday, August 14, 2015
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Rob Nelson is in Park Slope with the details

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- A suspect made a daring attempt to rape a woman in the middle of the day along a subway platform in Brooklyn.

But a Good Samaritan jumped into action to save her.

"There were a lot of people who didn't do anything. I was the only one that did something. When you see something like that you're supposed to help," said Maurice Osborne.

When the doors to the 3 train opened at the Bergen Avenue stop Wednesday in Park Slope, Maurice heard a woman's screams.

"Usually when you're on the train you hear commotion, you don't think nothing of it, but she was screaming for like 15, 20 seconds," he said.

Officials say the suspect, 40 year old Alvaro Denica of Bensonhurst, was attempting to rape the woman after first fondling himself and approaching her inside the subway's last car.

When she tried to get out at the Bergen Avenue station about 11:30 a.m., the violence spilled onto the platform, the suspect on top of the victim. And that's when Maurice, who was one car over, came to the 28 year old woman's defense.

"I punched him, hit him a couple of times a couple of blows," in the face, he said.

Not only did he rough up the suspect, he then dragged Denica by the shirt two blocks away to the local police precinct, where the would be rapist was booked on multiple charges.

"I just picked him up and tried taking him to the police precinct and she was following and crying. Once we got there she said thank you, she thanked me," said Maurice.

We also talked to Maurice's beaming mother.

"He's always been a helpful person and I'm proud of him and he got a twin too, so look out!", she said.

Like all good Samaritans, Maurice downplays his heroics.

"That he would do that right there on the platform and not care, that was shocking," he said.

The suspect is due back in court later this month to face multiple charges including sexual assault and public lewdness.

Maurice was hurt as well during the incident, suffering a gash above his eye from when he headbutted the suspect.