Woman accidentally texts Thanksgiving invite to stranger

MESA, AZ -- An Arizona teen received a Thanksgiving invitation from grandma -- except it wasn't his grandma.

Jamal Hinton, 17, says he got a text saying Thanksgiving dinner at my house at 3 p.m., but he didn't know who it was from. The person on the other end claimed to be his grandma. He asked for a picture to double check who it really was.

"We established we weren't related, but I said, 'Hey, why not ask for a plate since the offer is there?'" he said.

The woman only known as grandma replied with "Of course -- that's what grandma does -- feed everyone."

Since then, KNXV reports people have gotten in touch with the woman asking her for a plate too. The woman has since changed her number, but her grandson has kept in touch with Hinton, even giving him her new number. Hinton said the grandma's family told him they'd send him the address and have a plate ready for him.

"I though, 'Wow, this lady is really nice,'" he said. "Any other person would probably blow me off, and be like, 'No, never text my number again,' but she was actually pretty nice and sweet about it."

He said he knows "there really are still nice people out in the world."
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