'Why can't you just let us grow up?' Six-year-old's impassioned speech about gun violence goes viral

Young Kelsey Hines was brought to tears when she made an impassioned plea to end gun violence in a video that has gone viral.

The 6-year-old from Baltimore begins her video by asking, "Why can't ya'll just let us live? Why can't you just let us grow up?"

Her mother, Kelly Ellerbe, posted the video to Facebook, where it has received over 4 million views. Ellerbe said Kelsey asked her to record the video while she was wearing a shirt that said "DON'T SHOOT! LET ME GROW UP!"

"We don't want our world to be bad. We want our world to be good. And we are trying to stop the killings," Kelsey says in the video. "And when we say that we mean, we really mean it!"
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