Gun violence survivors, activists take action against more violence in Saturday march

ByCeFaan Kim via WABC logo
Saturday, June 3, 2017
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CeFaan Kim has more from Foley Square.

LOWER MANHATTAN, Manhattan (WABC) -- Hundreds of gun violence survivors and activists took action against more violence on Saturday. They marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The march was just one of many that happened throughout the country. The advocates were fighting for a cause that seems far from reaching a solution - a cause they say that seems to have a never-ending list of victims.

After marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, they rallied at Foley Square. What it really was, was a cry for help.

CeFaan Kim was live on Facebook:

"It can happen to anybody. We never thought it could happen to us, but it can happen to anybody and don't wait until you lose someone to fight the violence," said Yolanda Hernandez.

An emotional Hernandez from Long Island lost her young daughter and her two friends two years ago. To this day, their killer has not been found.

The march was organized by a coalition of gun control advocates, wearing orange, the color hunters wear, sending the signal 'don't shoot.'

Actress Julianne Moore lended her star power.

"Gun safety is not an anti-gun or a pro-gun argument. It is not a second amendment issue. It is a safety issue plain and simple. And the more legislation we have to keep guns we have out of dangerous individuals the safer we will be," Moore said.

The reality, though is that this is a divisive issue politically. With our nation as split as ever, legislation that makes both sides happy is hard to imagine passing any time soon.