'Angel' mom takes in friend's 6 kids after cancer death

DANVILLE, Va. -- A Virginia mother now has nine children after her friend died of cancer.

Stephanie Culley, who has three biological children, says it's part of a plan higher than her own. Two years ago, Culley's friend Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with her sixth child.

Culley recalled, "About a week after she was admitted into the hospital, and the doctor called me, I was at work, and he told me that, that it had spread to her brain, and there was nothing they could do."

After countless hours at Beth's side, Culley said she decided to take Beth's children into her home. She said, "I had complete peace that I was going to be the mother of 9 kids."

Culley has felt the love of the entire Halifax community, and the kids are getting along great.

Friend Kathy Woods said, "She's very, very humble, she won't ask for help. She's an angel."

One of Beth's children told local station WSET, "She took on a big responsibility."

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