Consumer Reports: Sunscreens to protect your skin from wrinkles

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Shirleen Allicot has the story.

This time of the year wearing sunscreen is important. But could sunscreen also be the key to fighting off wrinkles?

Consumer Reports tested sunscreens that claim they are specifically formulated for your face.

Everyone wants to find the fountain of youth. Many look to a spa for treatments and cures, but skin-care specialist Carmela Carfango gives this advice to her clients.

"The best thing to keep your skin youthful is your sunscreen. That will keep you from wrinkling," she said.

Consumer Reports tested six facial sunscreens. They contain the same active ingredients as regular sunscreens.

"Facial sunscreens are designed to be lighter and less greasy, and our sensory panelists found they have little or no odor," said Trisha Calvo of Consumer Reports.

Once applied to the skin, the facial sunscreens left only a slight amount of residue, and some left none at all.

Consumer Reports uses the same test for both facial and body sunscreens. They're applied to panelists' backs to measure protection from UVB rays.

And lab tests assess protection from UVA rays, the kind that cause wrinkles.

Consumer Reports found two facial sunscreens to recommend: The Avon Sun Plus Sunscreen Face Lotion with an SPF 40 for $9, and Coppertone Sport High Performance Faces SPF 50 for $10.

"Our tests on the Coppertone Faces showed it actually averaged an SPF of 41, but it will still deliver plenty of UVB, as well as UVA protection," said Calvo.

The recommended sunscreens do cost more per ounce than traditional sunscreens, but they're still a great deal.

"You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars, but if you're looking to keep your skin youthful, the best protection is your sunscreen," said Carfango.

When you apply sunscreen, you should spread at least a teaspoon on your face, ears, and neck.
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