Cops: Texas mom leaves kids home alone to attend Zumba class

AUSTIN, TX -- An Austin mom is in trouble after police say she left her two kids home alone so she could go to a Zumba class.

Turns out, the 18-month-old and 2-and-a-half-year-old were asleep when she allegedly left to go to the hour-long class. Local station KEYE reports she took an 18-month-old she was babysitting with her to the class.

But while she was gone, the kids woke up and went outside.

A neighbor spotted one of the kids and called 911.

A responding officer found the other child down the street, crying.

They were physically okay. The mom is now charged with a felony.

The children's father, Jose Arredondo, didn't want to show his face to KEYE, but explained his wife, Gisela Sanchez-Flores' actions. He said, "She thought it was going to be a quick errand but things happened in a flash. It's an accident but a very dangerous one."
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