Fetus or a Ford? Sonogram shows auto-like image

NEW YORK -- A Missouri pregnant woman's sonogram appears to show -- a car?

Yes, that's right.

Mike Roberts -- the father-to-be -- saw the sonogram first. He said to his wife, Reena, "That looks like a sports car. She's like, 'What?'"

They were so amused by the sonogram image that they posted it on Reddit where everyone began guessing what kind of car Reena was having.

One user said, "Congrats on your new Nissan 370 Z!'

Another wrote, "Hate to break it to you, but that's a PT Cruiser."

Mike Roberts thinks of the baby as a Bugatti -- one of the world's most expensive cars.

While there's some debate over the type of car, Reena Roberts says they know it's a "boy car."

The odd sonogram actually shows the baby's femur and thigh bone.

Mike Roberts is enjoying the puns, saying, "Just remember to tell your wife when she's delivering to make sure to give it one last Porsche."

For more fun sonograms and the CNN full report, watch the video by Jeanne Moos in the player above.
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