Goodbye dad-bod: Here's how you can get in shape while at work

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Lauren Glassberg has the details

We've all experienced the mid-day work slump, that feeling of pure exhaustion while you're supposed to be productive.

Well, according to author and certified trainer John Rowley, there's a reason for the mid-day slump.

"Sitting all day isn't healthy for you," he said. "It's not healthy for your joints, it's not healthy for your back, it's not healthy for your mind. It's not good for productivity."

That's why Rowley doesn't do a whole lot of sitting. He does most of his writing while standing, and if he does sit, he takes a walk after 20 minutes.

While you may not be able to work like Rowley, there are options.

You could lobby your boss for a standing desk. After all, standing four hours a day will burn 750 calories in a week. If standing is too intense, you can sit on an exercise ball.

"It's going to keep your core engaged," Rowley said. "It's going to work on balance and, especially as you get a bit older, people need to pay attention to their balance. And it's going to keep you aware. If you stop paying attention, you're going to fall off."

You can also do simple exercises at your desk, such as push ups and squats. After all, exercise can reduce stress.

And if you're running low on energy, bypass those sugary snacks and not just because they're unhealthy.

"Your insulin shoots up, which then causes your body to retain fat," Rowley said. "But in a work environment, it more so causes you to get tired and groggy."

Instead, opt for protein and water or even natural sugar to stay alert.

In the end, a little bit on your feet will serve you and your work well.
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