Illness believed to be norovirus sickens dozens at Queens elementary school

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CeFaan Kim has more details from Queens.

Numerous cases of an unknown illness, believed to be a norovirus, sent dozens of students home from a Queens elementary school over the past two days.

That has parents wondering if they should bring their kids to school Friday.

"They told us the virus is spreading a lot in our class and we should use more hand sanitizer," said Xinye Chang, a student.

Little 7-year-old Xinye says teachers here PS 12 in Woodside sent her home with some helpful tips on how to prevent the spread of norovirus, more commonly known as the stomach flu.

The second grader says five of her classmates have been sent home sick and that has her worried.

"I hope they will be better," Chang said.

Officials say over the past two days, dozens of students here have been sent home, complaining of nausea and vomiting.

About 60 went home Wednesday and another 28 Thursday.

At least 210 students stayed home from school on Thursday.

Parents were given letters as they picked up their children, notifying them of the situation.

Some parents were concerned and others not so much.

"I saw she's OK so that's why I didn't worry," one parent said.

"Yesterday I was a little bit worried because my daughter said at our school 50 students vomited," said Sarmin Sculpann, a student.

The mayor says he's ordered the school to be disinfected twice, once on Thursday and then again over the weekend.

And if parents have any doubt, the mayor says better safe than sorry.

"Our message to any students and staff who are not feeling well is that they should stay home. We want to help them get better and we want to get a handle on this," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

To be clear the school is not closed.

But the question is, how many students will show up Friday?
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