Grieving mother writes love letter about her son, and hopes Trump will read it

GUILFORD, Connecticut (WABC) -- A Connecticut mother wrote a love letter to her late son Nick, and is hoping President Trump will read it.

"I had a great kid who had great friends...." writes Sue Kruczeck of Guilford, Connecticut in the letter.

Sue Kruczeck lost her son to a heroin overdose. Before his first hockey game, an upperclassman gave him a pill to help him relax. Nick Kruczeck said he never played a game sober.

Sue Kruczeck is going to put her letter in an envelope and send it to Washington as part of an effort by other grieving mothers.

"Wouldn't it be great if we could flood the president's desk with all our beautiful childrens' faces and pictures and send a message," said Sue Kruczeck.

Sue Kruzeck is hoping the government allocates more money to fight the opioid epidemic.

"We need that funding to help all those out there who are struggling desperately before they become a number like my son," she said.

On Monday, President Trump tweeted a response to Sue:

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