Ohio bridal shop that Vinson visited sanitized by NJ company

LEBANON, N.J. (WABC) -- It appears that some of the fear and unscientific responses about Ebola are now waning.

But one of the infected nurses went shopping at a bridal shop in Ohio before she got sick.

Amber Vinson is recovering at a specialized hospital and will be quarantined and monitored until November 7th.

The bridal shop in Ohio was sanitized by a company from New Jersey.

Paul Lorcheim is getting suited up as if he was about to treat an Ebola contaminated area.

He wears a full protection suit, double gloves, taped breathing mask, and face visor. His weapon is his UV disinfecting light the company calls the torch.

"It works by shining a UV light on surfaces that the organism is on and kills the virus so the organism dies off," said Paul Lorcheim, of ClorDiSys.

He and several employees at ClorDiSys drove the lights to Ohio over the weekend to use at the bridal shop that Dallas nurse Amber Vinson visited.

She contracted Ebola after treating a patient. The shop had been closed ever since her visit.

"He had a lot of brides afraid to get their dresses, even their workers were afraid of going back to work," Lorcheim said.

The New Jersey based company used four torches to disinfect the shop.

"To get a 99% kill of the virus, we needed one minute at 10-feet distance. But because it was Ebola, which is deadly, we did 15 to 30 minutes in each location to make sure there was no living organism, if there was any to start with," Lorcheim said.

"We wanted to get the potential spots where the patient was the bathrooms, the dressing rooms and where she was when she was looking at dresses with her bridesmaids," Lorcheim said.

For this demonstration, they replaced the germ killing UV bulbs with regular bulbs. In real use, no one can be in the room during treatment.

With the Ebola threat, this New Jersey company is at its busiest in the 14 years since building the torch.

"Usually we're behind the scenes where no one wants to see us coming because we're taking care of organisms they don't want. Now we're wanted to be seen in places and helping people with their problem," Lorcheim said.

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