Some turning to plastic surgery to give them better selfies

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Social media selfies can seem like a constant beauty pageant. Now bloggers hoping for more likes are looking to plastic surgeons to get enhanced skin, big eyes and fuller lips.

Filters used to enhance facial features are now tempting social media users to do it for real.

An up and coming fashion blogger, 20-year-old Sarah Rosen, already had a chemical peel on her face and back. Now she wants fuller lips for her social media image.

"When you're in front of the camera you do want to give off a persona, that you are a little higher or do give off a presence that other people want to look up to," she said.

Sarah said she's not hiding anything, sharing the 10-minute procedure with her more than 5,000 followers.

Choosing the right doctor seems critical. Dr. Elie Levine says he balances a patient's hopes with procedures that benefit their desired look.

"There are a small number of patients that come in that are looking for unreasonable things and I generally deter people from doing those things," Dr. Levine said. "Lips are one of those areas that when done right, look spectacular and are great, and when overdone, look terrible."

For lip injections it's $500-$800 on Manhattan's East Side. It's also not permanent.

"My top lip, I feel like is smaller than my bottom lip," said 38-year-old teacher Lori Lenzi, who does it for the selfies. "I'm all over Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter," she said.

Lori says for a tiny pinch it brings a lot of likes and she is considering other changes "Botox for my eyes, I thought about getting my butt done," she said.

Therapist Darby Fox says the reason behind this perceived dysmorphia is dangerous - the fact that physical changes are made to get acceptance or "likes".

"I just caution, try to be yourself, that's what people really like, embrace that," she said.

Making a change may or may not result in liking yourself. "If it makes you feel good and you're able to do it, rock out, do it," said Lori.

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