Man says Starbucks cup labeled with "not funny" diabetes message

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- All he wanted was his morning cup of Joe, but a man in Florida says instead his Starbucks drink came with a rude message.

The customer who didn't want to be identified says someone wrote a joke about diabetes on his coffee, writing "DIABETES HERE I COME" on his cup.

The man told station WFOX, "Seeing and knowing the struggle my sisters went through since third, fourth grade, it definitely struck a nerve."

The man says his two sisters suffer from Type 1 diabetes. Though the customer says he was hurt, he said he didn't need an apology. Instead he wrote a message of his own for the baristas on the same cup. He wrote, "Two of my sisters are diabetic, so...not funny."

The Starbucks in question says it's now taking steps to make sure this incident does not happen again.
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