Summer safety: 7 forgotten areas for sunscreen

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Dr. Sapna Parikh has more. (WABC)

Before you head to the pool or venture out for a day at the beach, you put on sunscreen. But while you may think you know all the basics when it comes to protecting your skin against the sun, there are seven hidden areas you may be missing, and they too are at risk for skin cancer.

The scalp is one example of an area we often forget. Even if you have hair, the part is exposed to the sun.

"In women with thin hair or a large part, I'll often find skin cancer in that part, not always melanoma," said Dr. David Colbert, of NY Dermatology Group.

Beauty Expert Polly Blitz, of, recommends using a spray sunscreen.

"Just a little spritz will cover any area," she said. "And it even helps set flies away."

The spray sunscreen is also good for the tops of your feet.

For the back of your hands, use a less greasy product like a sunscreen-style hand cream. The same type applies for the back of your neck and the back of your ears.

As you lather up your face, don't forget to put a little protection on your lips. You can use a lip balm with SPF protection.

The most forgotten area of all is your eyes.

"Around the eye itself, the skin is fragile and there are a lot of skin pigment cells," Dr. Colbert said.

He says the eye lids are a common site for skin cancer.

"The bottom line with sunblock around the eyes is to use one that's non-irritating, and to wear sunglasses," he said.

The Skinceuticals Eye Defense claims to be formulated for the sensitive area.

"This formula is actually a great base for under makeup," Blitzer said. "And it helps your eye makeup stay for longer."

Besides the sunglasses, don't forget a hat, especially one with a brim. This alone covers half the forgotten areas.
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