The story of Pearle Vision: Genuine Eye Care From Your Neighborhood Doctor

NEW YORK -- Why choose Pearle Vision? Its doctors take time to listen to you. They want to understand what's important to each and every patient - and they understand that caring for you means caring for those you love.

At Pearle you'll be examined by a doctor of optometry, who'll check both your eye health and overall health. Then you'll be fitted with the best of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contacts.

At Pearle Vision, every appointment is about more than just seeing clearly. It's about earning a patient's trust, with a team of experts who are serious about caring for eyes all the way from the exam room to the retail floor.

Nobody cares for eyes more than Pearle.

That's what Dr. Pearle promised in 1961 - and at every EyeCare Center that carries his name, it's a promise lived by today. You'll find Pearle Vision located right down the street, in the neighborhood, proudly serving families for generations.

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