Yoga changed this young woman's life and now she promotes positive body image

MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) -- Jules Hunt, of Om & the City, battled an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety through most of high school and college.

While interning for a boutique in college, her boss suggested she try yoga and gave her free yoga classes.

Jules was skeptical at first, thinking yoga was too slow or boring but discovered a whole new lifestyle once she found the style that spoke to her.

In college, Jules became a guest contributor for the wellness website Your Zen Life. She loved writing for Your Zen Life and sharing her natural skincare tips. Jules started receiving dozens of emails from people asking for more tips.

After a year of guest blogging, Jules started her own blog called Om & the City. After blogging about her personal yoga journey, she gained a significant following of like-minded people in the yoga community.

Jules moved to New York City with the idea to start a blog about her health experience. After finding her own 'om', she traveled to Nicaragua to get her yoga certification.

She embraced her past and found others needing advice. Now, Jules has over 47 thousand followers on Instagram, where she shares recipes, yoga, lifestyle and beauty tips.

Through her platform, Jules shares real actionable advice, inspires personal growth, and empowers women to lead a meaningful life filled with love and intention.

Jules' journey continues as she recently moved to Austin, Texas, where she hopes to expand her blog into other cities while continuing to connect with her large New York audience.

For health and wellness tips, follow Jules on Instagram or check out her blog Om & the City.

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