Oakland-based dance instructor stages a hip hop protest

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Amidst the protests surrounding George Floyd, Oakland, Calif. dance instructor Diane Jarmolow had a life-changing moment.

"When I first saw the slogan: "White Silence Equals White Consent," it's like I woke up and wondered if my silence was part of the problem," Jarmolow explains.

So Jarmolow drew further inspiration from her lifelong passion, dance, and decided to organize a hip hop protest in Oakland.

Led by dance instructor Kemya Wakefield, several adults and children showed off their moves at a socially safe distance in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"It's for a great cause and hopefully next time we get more people out and involved just to show their support, so it was great," said Wakefield, "It was a new way for me to protest and I'm all for it."