Artists make Times Square construction beautiful

TIMES SQUARE (WABC) -- There's a sight in Times Square that's stopping people in their tracks.

A talented pair is creating works of art right in the middle of a construction site.

They tried to do this in Paris and in Hong Kong but it just didn't work.

In New York City it's a huge hit.

They are two artists with very different styles but with one thing in common, a love for the cross roads of the world and a plan to make something that's really ugly into something beautiful.

"You should drag an artist front and center by his ear and say, OK, let's see if you could do it in front of people," said Tom Christopher, an artist.

"I'd say I'm an earnest, expressive realist," said Andy Hammerstein, an artist.

It's a challenge both Tom Christopher and Andy Hammerstein, not only put out there but from the looks of things, knocked it out of the park.

"I've never worked so hard in my life on paintings because I feel I'd be letting them, down if I stopped," Hammerstein said.

He's referring to the people strolling on Broadway at 49th Street.

When they get to the iconic Brill Building they spot the pair.

You see, the structure is being renovated but instead of seeing a dusty construction site, they're surprised to see, beautiful pieces of art.

Eric Hadar owns the building.

"It's attracted street musicians and other performers on weekend nights. I'm so pleased it's gotten this kind of support," said Eric Hadar, of Allied Partners Inc.

The men say for those passing by, this unique opportunity helps demystify the process of creating art.

"People come by and see it start with a pencil drawing, they come by later and say, oh he's got it blacked in, then the third and fourth day, he's got color going on so they get to see it evolving," Christopher said.

It's a reflection of what actually happens each day in Times Square.

"I've become very attached to this actual location. Time Square is only secondary to the fact that my favorite picture is just out this window," Hammerstein said.

The men have been there for three weeks, but because major construction begins next week, will wrap up Friday.

They say they'll miss the space, but hope others will pay attention and follow suit.

"Artists should be everywhere, every empty store front should be full of artists working because it's so fun," Christopher said.

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