Asphalt Green's AG6 class taps into your 6th athletic sense

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- High intensity interval training or "hit" is popular for getting your heart rate up and working out your whole body.

Now there's a new version and it's only in New York City on the Upper East Side.

Part of what's so compelling about this workout is it's very visual. It's kind of a like a disco, light show and class rolled into one.

That makes the 45 minutes go that much faster.

"Hi everyone! Welcome to your first AG6 class," the instructor said.

AG6 stands for a few things. AG is for the recreation center called Asphalt Green and the 6 is for what Jennifer Coccia calls your sixth athletic sense.

"You have strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, speed, and now you have your athletic sixth sense which is muscle memory," Coccia said.

This workout triggers that sixth sense.

"This is a 45 minute high intensity training class. We're going to use your body weight, resistance bands, slam balls, dumbbells, a variety of equipment for a full body workout," Coccia said.

But what makes this so different is that it's computerized. We know when to switch stations when the lights change colors.

In certain areas, the walls and floors have sensors to not only challenge you but to monitor your output.

"We can track your progress whether, how fast you hit the targets, how fast your feet are moving, and we'll be able to set a milestone for you and we'll be able to work with you throughout there," Coccia said.

The technology is called Prama and it's based out of Spain.

Asphalt Green is the only gym in America to offer it.

Because the timing is regulated, it frees up the coach to push you harder.

"Slam that ball into the green, jump into the blue, good job!" the instructor said.

For many of the exercises, you have to hit your targets, making you accountable and also pretty psyched to have tapped into that sixth sense.

AG6 classes are $25 for members of Asphalt Green and $35 for non-members. The classes are offered several times a week.

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