Compliments doled out at art exhibit below High Line

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Lauren Glassberg has the story. (WABC)

There's a new attraction right beneath the High Line on 14th Street.

It's a gumball machine that's giving people something to chew on.

Artist Leah Harper created "Complimentary" for a public show called "Art in Unusual Places".

The theme of the show is "free" so free compliments are doled out by "Complimentary".

"I like to make people smile and break up their routine during the day and do something different and memorable," Harper said.

The compliments were culled from public input and some are basic.

"I have pretty eyes," one person read.

Others were a little wackier.

"You would make a great roommate. Ha-ha, my husband wouldn't really love that," another person said.

People are encouraged to recycle their compliments or pay it forward.

"It says take and share so you're encouraged to share with someone else. So that's interactive too," Harper said.

The machine is loaded with 500 compliments but Harper has made 5,000 just in case people want to hang onto their compliments.

It's a memento of a moment of kindness.

"I think it will brighten people's day and lift their spirits even for 30 seconds it gives a giggle and I think it's a great thing," Harper said.
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