Eyewitness News tries out Pokemon Go

QUEENS (WABC) -- Eyewitness News takes a look at the flip side of the real dangers from playing the treasure hunt game known as Pokemon Go.

Police say some people have been ripped off and hurt, but many are having a blast.

Some businesses are even profiting from the app and loving it.

Eyewitness News Reporter Stacey Sager and her photographer gave the game a try.

They definitely couldn't beat them, but they could join them!

If you notice people doing a type of aimless circling walk, well they are probably playing the hottest new app game Pokemon Go.

It was not hard to find many people willing to help.

But at L'inizio Pizza Bar, the general manager didn't miss a beat! The game's algorithm chose them as a "Pokestop" because of their popular "Hot Italian" woman mural.

Sean Benedetti was then able to use a cheap in-app purchase to lure in more customers.
"Oh, I would say, like 75 percent more than usual, like it was almost 4th of July all over again," Benedetti said.

Meanwhile, the Corner Bistro across the street would love to get Pikachu in on their action.

"I got to talk to my guy and see what I can do about that," said Jen Molnar, the Corner Bistro Manager.

Those who understand all of this are at an advantage.

Stacey and her photographer stayed safe using the app, but did get quite confused at some points.

They did manage to catch two!

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