Manhattan meditation studio provides quiet escape from noisy streets

FLATIRON DISTRICT, Manhattan (WABC) -- If you've considered meditating and haven't ever actually done it, there's a brand new space in New York City that could lure you in.

It's a fully immersive studio designed specifically for audio-guided meditation and relaxation.

On a noisy street in the Flatiron, Inscape offers an escape.

"When you walk in, the city disappears for me, there's no hustle and bustle, it's just calm," said Inscape client Ginny Hung.

Here it's about meditation, tuning out the noise and tuning in, to yourself.

"You're constantly in the state of doing and I feel like everytime I do a meditation I'm in a state of being," said Khajak Keledjian, who started meditating 10 years ago.

That led him to create Inscape. The setting is other-worldly.

Eventually the voice heard earlier in the session stops and quiet sets in, and there's something about doing this with others.

"I think when you're doing it in a group setting you have more of a discipline and you have less of a distraction, especially being in one of those rooms, there are absolutely no distractions. It's sound-resistant," said Keledjian.

"To come here and having a place I can find quiet and peace in my mind has been a tremendous gift," said Inscape client Laily Mesbah.

Sessions are as quick as 22 minutes, which is ideal for a lunchtime session, all the way up to 88 minutes, in which you get to lie down and really relax.

Those classes happen in The Alcove, where the artwork will change, but the space will always offer an antidote to what's out there.

And there's also an Inscape app-- either way, meditation is often very helpful to those who do it.

"I'm much calmer, I feel like, especially with situation that are usually more stressful," Ginny said. "I feel like I'm much more positive in the way I react to them and it's not so much negative energy."

Classes begin at $18.
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