Street art festival being held in New York City

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Lauren Glassberg has the details (WABC)

There's no shortage of museums in New York City to see art, but what about right on the street?

There's a new festival that is all about street art and murals.

Throughout parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Lower Manhattan, if you pay attention you'll notice quite a bit of art on the street.

These days much of the work is permitted by landlords, and now there's a festival that celebrates this kind of art.

"Just going to and from work, I notice a little piece of art in this corner and that corner and slowly started falling in love with it," said Wayne Rada, an artist.

Rada is so passionate about street art that three years ago, he started the lisa project to bring artists to Little Italy to create murals on the walls.

You can see the tribute to Italy in the fray of one character's cut offs.

Now the Lisa Project is sponsoring the LoMan Festival, a tribute to murals and street art.

"Everything we do is of a legal nature, so we can still give people that experience and enhance the experience of being in New York and it still has that feeling of street cred, of street art," Rada said.

Jenna Morello is one of the artists. She's creating a tribute to Cecil the lion who was recently hunted down in Africa. She says working in public can be unnerving.

"My process is kind of all over the place, so people will come up when it's not finished or it is in its beginning stages and I'm like, just wait until I'm done," Morello said.

And when she's done, she will have filled three panels with her art.

This sort of thing can be good for business.

"When I do these jobs people come up to me and are like, 'Can you paint this? Or can you paint that?'" Morello said.

That's part of the reason BD White was thrilled to participate.

Sometimes he works on walls, but for the festival it's lampposts.

"Most of my images have six to seven layers to them, so every different layer is a different stencil color that goes on it," White said.

So be sure to look down to catch his work. In fact, the festival doesn't put out a map of where all the installations are located. That's part of the fun, and along the way you'll likely notice pieces that have been up for a while.

"We do it as a bit of a scavenger hunt. We put the imagery up on Instagram and then you can kind of see where things are," Rada said. "The fun part is when you turn that corner and you're like, 'Wow what is this!'"

The LoMan Festival runs through Sunday. There's an interactive element allowing you to create your own sticker art. You can legally tag a wall, and there's a graffiti contest.

The festival is free.

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