Street artists turn floor of World Trade Center into masterpiece in the sky

LOWER MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) -- Artists are taking their work to new heights, as an upper floor of the new 4 World Trade Center building has been turned into a haven for artwork you'd normally see on the streets.

It's an exhilarating and inspiring sight to behold, suspended 69 floors above Lower Manhattan, where creativity knows no boundaries.

"We took a look at the floor and we just so saw much potential, so we just kind of went crazy and just filled the whole floor so now it turned into a very modern cutting edge gallery," said creative director Robert Marcucci.

Almost in direct contrast with the minimalist exterior of 4 World Trade Center now lies a parallel universe of sorts where street artists around the city are using the floors, walls, even the glass as their canvas.

PHOTOS: Inside the 69th floor gallery

"I wanted to kind of create an ode to the city being here so I'm telling the story of New York City through numerous faces of women," said artist Chinon Maria.

From large scale murals... to intricate drawings... and interactive digital art, artists here can let their imaginations run free.

Check out a quick view of the artwork:

"This is like the motif of New York City and what we're standing on right here is the Hudson River basically walking on water, then it goes up into the Palisades here," said artist Ian Ferguson.

"Whenever I trigger the sound it changes the shape at the same time the images keep looping," said artist Taezoo Park.

Developer Larry Silverstein said this a win win scenario, and hopes to continue these creative collaborations as construction continues.

"Art is an important part of our lives, it gives it purpose, it gives it function, it gives it color, it gives it life," said Silverstein.

The music streaming company Spotify actually just leased a floor and ten others, and since they love the artwork here so much they're actually designing their office space around it.
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