The Water Tank Project adds beauty and awareness

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Lauren Glassberg on a social awareness new project. (WABC)

The New York City skyline is so unique and it's about to look even different.

Water towers on some buildings are getting a makeover.

Artwork is being put up on them and it's all for a good cause.

"I became very sick doing a film in Ethiopia and I got a waterborne disease and a young girl saved my life," said Mary Jordan, of The Water Tank Project.

When Mary Jordan healed from that near death experience, she promised that girl she'd spread the word about water.

So it's through water towers that this Bronx-raised woman is hoping to shine the light on the fact that a billion people don't have access to clean water.

In New York, it's something we take for granted.

"There are over 10,000 of them in New York and we walk around and so many people don't understand what they do and why they are there and they've never changed for 150 years," Jordan said.

But they're changing now, getting covered in art work by both emerging and established artists.

Jordan says artists were eager to join The Water Tank Project.

"That original work is scanned and printed on these large banners and then wrapped much like girdles," Jordan said.

Most of the landlords she approached were game to use their water tanks as canvases and to be a part of this cultural activism.

"I think this is another reason to look up again and to feel positive and inspired and be proactive about doing something in our own community," Jordan said.

Every several days, another tower gets adorned and Jordan has plans to take this project elsewhere.

"I think every water tank should be wrapped in art. We are looking to other cities on a global platform," Jordan said.

The project is all paid for by donations and grants.

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