What is a piano doing under the Brooklyn Bridge?

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Josh Einiger has the story. (WABC)

There might be an answer to the mystery of a piano that was left in the East River last week, catching the attention of passersbys on a small patch of sand under the Brooklyn Bridge.

A short film on the website of production company Irregular Industries features a piano under the bridge. It appears the piano was put in the river for the film, which was just posted online.

Either way, the piano has attracted a lot of attention.

On Friday, Amy Kang was moved to drag her cello to the site and play some Bach. "It's like surrealism. It's like a dream, you know? When do you ever find a piano on a beach in the East River?" she said.

The Mason & Hamlin piano does not actually work, but people are taking pictures of themselves playing it anyway. It has become a curiosity since it's existence went viral online; it now has its own Twitter account.

The spot is all but hidden behind a giant construction project under the FDR Drive. It is just off of a beach, but it's still unclear whether it somehow washed up, was dragged down or something else. No one really knows, but then no one really seems to care. It is possible the piano was left following this photo shoot.


Kat Alexander, a tourist from San Diego, Calif., is used to a different kind of beach. She began singing "Do-Re-Mi," undeterred that the piano doesn't play a tune, since it has no strings.

"It's really beautiful. I mean, I wish it played, but it's really cool that it's here by the water," said one beachgoer.

It's turned an otherwise ugly riverbank into a thing of beauty -- and a quintessential New York story.

"Just the randomness of it the serendipity of it," said Kang. "You know, it's a dream."

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