Gifts for grandparents who have enough macaroni necklaces

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Monday, December 8, 2014

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Grandparents work double duty around the holiday. They become your kids' favorite storytelling cuddle-buddies, while still giving you their signature guidance, support, and help in the kitchen. We've selected the perfect fits to help you say thanks to the hardest-working relatives in town.


1. Grandma's Brag Book

There's nothing grandmas love more than showing off their grandchildren to friends, neighbors, basically anyone who will lend them an ear. Make it easy for her with this "brag book" that can be personalized for each special Mumsy, Grams, or Nana.

Grandma's Brag Book, $24

Find it at Rag & Bone Bindery.

2. Silver-Plated Picture Frames

Show Grandma and Grandpa how much memories matter by encasing family photos in these pretty metallic frames. Beautiful to look at and display, these frames just need your personal photos as the final touch.

Silver-Plated Grosgrain Ribbon Mat Frames, $29.50-$59

Find them at Pottery Barn.

3. Coastermatic Custom Coasters

Grandparents most likely don't have Instagram (and that's probably a good thing), but they can still enjoy the best of your photography with these custom coasters printed with your social media snaps.

Coastermatic Custom Coaster (set of 4), $25 + $6 shipping

Find them at Coastermatic.

4. Kids Drawing Pillow

Your kids' artwork already adorns the walls of their grandparents' home, so now it's time to take over the sofa. This pillow will give any grandparent bragging rights about their grandchildren's incredible artistic abilities, while doubling as something to hug when they're missing the little ones who live far away.

12x 18 Kids Drawing Pillow, $30

Find it at Finch & Cotter.

5. Personalized Kitchen Towel

Grandma's cooking has always been restaurant-quality, and these classy customized towels will give her kitchen that 5-star feel.

Personalized Kitchen Towel, $20

Find it at

6. Winter Forest Essential Oils Collection

Help Grandma and Grandpa feel pampered this holiday season with this natural collection of hand soap, hand lotion, and dish soap. The wintery scent will keep them reminiscing on this incredible Christmas long into 2015.

Williams-Sonoma Winter Forest Essential Oils Collection, $9.95-$42.95

Find them at Williams-Sonoma.

7. Mommy & Me Aprons

Encourage your parents and kids to spend some quality time in the kitchen with these adorable aprons. Not only will they look picture perfect, but they'll be so excited to get baking that you can rest your eyes for a few hours and wake up to a fresh batch of cookies!

Mommy & Me Aprons, $22-$32

Find them at Jessie Steele.

8. Family Tree Birthstone Necklace

Give grandma the story of your family in one necklace that will accessorize any outfit with a touch of sentimentality. A tribute to the Victorian tradition of tracking a family's history, this will be the necklace grandma will absolutely never take off.

Family Tree Birthstone Necklace, $69.99

Find it at

9. Haws Traditional Watering Can

This traditional watering can, designed to have perfect balance, is the ultimate accessory for grandparents with green thumbs. They may even thank you with fresh flowers, herbs, or vegetables throughout the year. Score!

Haws Traditional Watering Can, $69.95

Find it at Williams-Sonoma.

10. Teavana Tea Gift Set

Reconnect with grandparents who may live far away over a cup of one of Teavana's signature teas. With flavors like Mate, Strawberry Lemonade, Rooibos Chai, and Green Tea, you can sit for hours trying everything this gift set has to offer.

Teavana Tea Gift Set, $69.95

Find it at Teavana.

11. Cashmere & Silk Scarf

We've all wanted to raid Grandma's closet before, and the addition of this cashmere scarf will only make the temptation stronger. We wouldn't blame you if you got one for yourself too ... just chalk it up to Mother-daughter matching!

Cashmere & Silk Scarf, $98

Find it at Nordstrom.

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