Home Depot pulls 'creeper' decoration after complaints

CANADA -- The decoration was meant to scare homeowners, but many Home Depot shoppers in Canada say it mocks an all too real issue.

Home Depot in Ontario is now pulling its frightening Halloween decoration from store shelves because of customer complaints.

Equipped with suction cups for mounting outside a window, the "Scary Peeper Creeper" costs $29 and features the full-sized head, face and hands of a creepy-looking, hooded man peering into a window. The decoration is made to look life-like, not cartoonish.

Another version of the decoration has a motorized finger that taps on the glass.

The product is still available for purchase online in the U.S., along with other sidekicks that may not seem as realistic, "Tapping Creeper" and "Scary Reaper Peeper."

The company's descriptions says, "the intention is to scare anyone opening the blinds from inside the house on a dark night," but many shoppers said it makes light of predatory behavior against women.
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